Nexus 6: Two Years On

It’s fair to say the Nexus 6 is getting on now. Released in 2014, it surprised many with its huge size and departure from the more affordable price point the Nexus 5 offered. It also represented many firsts for the Nexus range. It was the first to feature: Front facing speakers, a large screen, fast charging and a 2K resolution. Add all those things together and you get an exceptional phone even after more than two years. Continue reading

My Tech: January 2017

Technology has become an integral part of day-to-day life. No matter what we do or where we go, technology is present. Phones, tablets, watches, home appliances and even cars all seem to have smart technology in them. The type of tech you use and how you use it is a personal thing. We choose products that work best for us, and what we like and use may be totally different to what someone else chooses. I thought it would be a cool idea to share what I use and why I use it. This is: “My Tech: January 2017.”

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The Apps Of 2016

This may not have been a year of great technological leaps. Moto made the Z with mods and Xiaomi made the MiMix with a bezel-less display. Otherwise, it was business as usual on the hardware front. That’s not to say it was a bad year for smartphones. Google shook things up with the Pixel, possibly the best phone of the year, the Moto Z was far more impressive than expected and OnePlus finally knocked it out of the park with the OnePlus 3(T).

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