Android Wear 2.0 Review

Wear 2.0 has a troubled history. Announced well over a year ago with a rocky response from those testing it, the initial September 2016 release windows was delayed until Q1 this year. Google took a lot of things back to the drawing board in an effort to appease the early testers. Now that it’s finally made its way to my Moto 360, was it worth the wait?
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Android: My Five Year Anniversary

Five years ago a sixteen year-old me made a decision that would affect my life in ways I didn’t consider. At the time I was using an old Samsung Omnia Windows Phone. I don’t class it as a my first smartphone, it didn’t support the Wi-Fi bands that my area used, meaning I couldn’t download anything in addition to the pre-installed software. Additionally I was in a fracture boot for the foreseeable future and needed cheering up. I decided a new phone would be just the thing. Continue reading

My Tech: January 2017

Technology has become an integral part of day-to-day life. No matter what we do or where we go, technology is present. Phones, tablets, watches, home appliances and even cars all seem to have smart technology in them. The type of tech you use and how you use it is a personal thing. We choose products that work best for us, and what we like and use may be totally different to what someone else chooses. I thought it would be a cool idea to share what I use and why I use it. This is: “My Tech: January 2017.”

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