Pixel Perfect: Week 1

Last week I started a collection on Google+ called “Pixel perfect.” The idea is to share the little things about using a device for an extended amount of time. These are things most phone reviews miss due to being written after only a few days. You can follow the Google+ collection to see these thoughts in brief, easy to read posts. Then once a week, they’ll be collated into an article here where I’ll expand on them. Read on for the first instalment of “Pixel perfect!” Continue reading

Android: My Five Year Anniversary

Five years ago a sixteen year-old me made a decision that would affect my life in ways I didn’t consider. At the time I was using an old Samsung Omnia Windows Phone. I don’t class it as a my first smartphone, it didn’t support the Wi-Fi bands that my area used, meaning I couldn’t download anything in addition to the pre-installed software. Additionally I was in a fracture boot for the foreseeable future and needed cheering up. I decided a new phone would be just the thing. Continue reading