Nova Launcher Gains Google Now Support


Nova Launcher has long been the standard that all launchers are held against. That status is well deserved thanks to the plethora of options and constant development. Today the best android launcher got even better, becoming the first to integrate the Google Now pane without any system modification.

The changes Google have made for this to be possible, along with how Nova’s team implemented it is technical and I’m not the person to explain that sort of thing. If you want to read the ins and outs, then I suggest this article over at Android Police.

Getting everything setup is easy. You’ll need the latest Nova beta, which you can get at apkmirror or though the Play Store beta sign-up. Once you’ve installed that, download the new Nova Google Companion. Once that’s finished installing you’re done! Swipe from your left most screen and out pops the Google pane! No fiddling in settings needed.

I’ve been playing around with it for a few hours now and I haven’t run into any issues. The animations are just as smooth as those found in the Pixel Launcher or Google Now Launcher. Other launchers that activated the pane through root methods were always laggy and slow. The speed and smoothness of Nova is likely down to the use of the official Google API.

So, what are you waiting for? Go try it out!

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