Chromebooks: Should I Buy One?


Chromebooks have been around for a few years now. They aren’t something that has ever interested me. That’s probably because I’ve never used laptops or desktops often. I’ve always used mobile tech almost exclusively. Now my needs are changing and I want something different.

If you’re reading this, then you’ll know that I’ve just started this blog. I want it to be a success and for that to happen I’ll need to update it regularly. At the moment I’m doing so on an aging laptop. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great machine. The RRP when it was released was nearly £1,000, although we got it in a January sale. While it’s still a great laptop, it isn’t perfect for what I now need. It’s an HP DV7, so it’s metal. All  6.61 lbs of it! While the 17” display is great for media consumption but portability isn’t a strong point.

So, I want something: light, compact, reasonably fast and budget friendly. Its main duty will be word processing, as well as some photo editing for articles. Finding something that meets those criteria shouldn’t be too hard. But therein lies the problem. Windows or Chrome OS? I’ve been using Windows all my life. It is familiar and I understand it. It can also be bewildering and thoroughly frustrating at times. Chrome OS offers something new and exciting to explore! It also lacks features when compared to Windows 10.

Andromeda is coming

It’s nowhere near official yet. But it promises so much compared to what Google are currently offering. Should I wait until the end of the year and see what that brings? I could certainly make do with using the Pixel C and keyboard to blog on-the-go and then use the laptop for heavy-duty stuff. But I run this risk of waiting and then finding that it isn’t all that I hoped, or isn’t even released then.

What do you think? Should I stick with Windows, something I know? Should I make the jump and enjoy Google’s simplistic approach to the PC? Or maybe I should wait and see what Andromeda brings. Let me know what you think the best options are!

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